The OS (OpenStructures) project explores the possibility of a modular construction model where everyone designs for everyone on the basis of one shared geometrical grid. It initiates a kind of collaborative Meccano to which everybody can contribute parts, components and structures.

9 designers have been invited to make a new creations using the OpenStructures system for the presentation in Milan. The entire exhibition infrastructure, which includes a lounge and workshop tables will be made on-site (and partially during the fair) using Thomas Lommée’s design system.

Dick van Hoff, Matt Sindall, Lizanne Dirkxl, Pascal Koch, Ben Hagenaars, Rayah Wauters,  Unfold, Daan Gielis, Christiane Hoegner

Who is Thomas Lommée

The OpenStructures project is a collaborative process.
It was originally conceived by Thomas Lommée at the Institute without Boundaries in 2007 and is now being further developed and tested by Lommée’s design studio Intrastructures in association with various partners.
The initial experimental fases of this design research have received both productional and structural support from Z33, House for contemporary Arts. The first outcomes of these fases have been presented at Z33 in september 2009.

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