‘In the future everybody will be famous to 15 people’ – Momus

Z33 – house for contemporary art and REcentre – centre for sustainable design present ‘New times, new heroes’ at the design week in Milan, from Tuesday 12 to Sunday 17 April 2011.

Following Z33’s first appearance at the off programme during the Milan furniture fair last year, Z33 will be returning again this year, bringing along its new heroes.

Last year, Z33 presented new work by Bram Boo as well as Unfold and Tim Knapen’s interactive L’Artisan Electronique in the new design district of Ventura Lambrate. This installation was considered by many international design journalists to be one of the major highlights of Ventura Lambrate. The installation subsequently went off on an international tour with presentations in places such as Abu Dhabi and Saint Etienne.

This year, Z33 will be returning to Ventura Lambrate with an even more ambitious project. The core of the presentation models the work of designer Thomas Lommée. Lommée had already presented his new criterion for a durable and democratic design in the Z33 exhibition, OpenStructures. OpenStructures begins with a shared geometric grid. It is an open design system in which everyone designs for everyone. Characteristic of OpenStructures is its interdisciplinary approach (people of various backgrounds design within the geometric grid) and the crossing of boundaries (people from different regions collaborate and challenge conventional thinking patterns).

Z33 is based in Hasselt, Belgium. It is an unique laboratory and meeting place for experiment and innovation. Since its founding in 2002, z33 produces and shows projects that reflect on societal and scientific evolutions. This is translated into concrete themes in which everyday things play a central role.